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MLM Based On Product Price

Ultimate Affiliate Pro AddOn

MLM rewards calculation based on Product Order amount instead of Children referral amount.

This Addon extends the integrated MLM module functionality being used by administrators with knowledge in Multi Level Marketing concept.

If the default MLM module workflow calculates rewards based on the main affiliate referral amount, with MLM Based On Product Price Addon you can establish a different calculation process and up-line Affiliates to be rewarded directly to the Product price when a purchase is completed by a referred user.

Let’s say we have Affiliate A wich is a sponsor and Affiliate B a first level distributor. If a referred user completes a purchase through one of the Systems (WooCommerce, Ultimate Membership Pro, EDD) from Affiliate B, then Affiliate A will receive a reward based on Product price / Order amount no matter how or if Affiliate B have been rewarded.

MLM special Workflow Example

A simple and basic setup is described for easier understanding process, the MLM Module being able to cover a much complex workflow based on different settings.

MLM Module setup

Matrix Depth(Levels) : 3

Amount For Each Level

  • Level 1: 20%
  • Level 2: 10%
  • Level 3: 5%


John MLM Matrix sub-affiliates:
Geo – Level 1
Bob – Level 2
Max – Level 3

Max has Rank “Premium” with Amount: %25
Max refers a user that purchases a product of: $400


Rank Reward:
Max gets a referral of: $100 based on his assigned Rank.

MLM Rewards:
Bob gets: $80 (20% of $400)
Geo gets: $40 (10% of $400)
John gets: $20 (5% of $400)


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