MLM Based On Product Price

Ultimate Affiliate Pro AddOn

Change the default MLM calculation method and encourage affiliates to sell more

With this amazing extension, admins that operate with multi level marketing systems can do more for their business and affiliates without having to put in too much work.

The default Multi Level Marketing operates using the number of referred customers when calculating rewards and commissions.
But using this extension, this can be easily changed and commissions can be calculated using an alternative way – commissions can be issued based on the price of each product. That means affiliates will get higher rewards for expensive products, encouraging them to sell more and sell big!

Workflow Example

Let’s imagine we have two affiliates. Affiliate A – the sponsor, the one recruiting another person into the business. And affiliate B – a first-level distributor. A customer referred by affiliate B completes a purchase via a system like WooCommerce, Ultimate Membership Pro, or EDD.

In this case, affiliate A will be rewarded for this transaction based on the price of the product or amount sold, regardless of the commission received by affiliate B, if they received one.

The MLM Based On Product Price addon can cover a wide variety of scenarios based on different settings.
Allow us to describe a basic setup for a better understanding of how the extension operates:

MLM Module setup

Matrix Depth(Levels) : 3

Amount For Each Level

  • Level 1: 20%
  • Level 2: 10%
  • Level 3: 5%


John MLM Matrix sub-affiliates:
Geo – Level 1
Bob – Level 2
Max – Level 3

Max has Rank “Premium” with Amount: %25
Max refers a user that purchases a product of: $400


Rank Reward:
Max gets a referral of: $100 based on his assigned Rank.

MLM Rewards:
Bob gets: $80 (20% of $400)
Geo gets: $40 (10% of $400)
John gets: $20 (5% of $400)

What Are the Benefits of Using MLM Based On Product Price?

  • Develop multiple compensation plans.
  • Is simple to track the commissions that the recruited people received.
  • The direct sale of products or services is an activity that will aid the development of the recruit and, by extension, the business.
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