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My Group Accounts

Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Multi-members group Subscriptions for Ultimate Membership Pro system

My Group Accounts AddOn extend the Ultimate Membership Pro functionality by allowing you to sell group subscriptions for a couple of members with one charge. Members will find a dedicated section into their My Account page where may creates their own group of members.

Administrator choose maximum number of members that may be part of a group for each dedicated Subscription. Once the group owner signed for group Subscription can add or invite members into his own group to share his own Subscription access.

New group members will receive an email notifications once have been added to group and will start have access to valuable restricted content

The entire management and control over Subscription are assigned to group owner. So, group members will not be charged or notified if Subscription is gonna to expire. Also, if group owner decides to cancel or remove the Subscription, group members will not be able to use that Subscription either.

This special AddOn is very useful when parents wants to control subscriptions for their own children or a teacher might manage a main Subscription for entire class without any individual payment handled by each particular student.


  • Very useful in building communities on the site!!

    We are happy that we have the option to allow our members to create their groups.Good job team!

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