Pay per Post

Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Create posts or pages and sell their content off-subscriptions

Pay Per Post was created for people who wish to pay a price to view the content of a page without having to become a member.

Pay per access

Access to restricted posts is often granted using the member’s system of the Ultimate Membership Pro main plugin.
In other words, a user buys a membership plan and utilizes it to view the post.
With Pay per Post, a charge for each post may be established, and any user can view it without a membership plan.
Once the post has been created, the administrator may charge a fee for it.
Anyone who wants access will have to pay for it and will be able to view the information immediately.

Post’s restrictions

Every time a post is created, once set, several types of restrictions will be available.
Replace the content with custom content, Custom redirect, and Redirect to Checkout page are all part of post restrictions.
One of these restrictions may be chosen based on admin preferences.


When a user desires to access a restricted post, a payment button or a payment link will be provided for the purchase process.
Payments through a button or link can be configured and adjusted using one of two shortcodes.

What are the benefits of implementing Pay Per Post?

  • Establishing a fee for the post and viewing the contents without requiring a subscription.
  • Selecting a restriction type, such as replacing content with custom content, configuring a custom redirect, or simply forwarding the user to the Checkout page.
  • Using shortcodes to generate buttons or a payment link.
  • Customize and stylize buttons and link labels.
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