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Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Redirect Ultimate Membership Pro users to the restricted content they tried to access before login

Many times, users lose track of their navigation journey when they stumble upon restricted content. Some pages of your website might require various types of memberships to be accessed, and you definitely need a system in place for layering this content.

How it works?

You can use this Redirect Back AddOn to eliminate the back-and-forth navigation encountered in this process. When a user is met with a restricted content page and they are not logged in, a Log In page will show up, allowing them to fill in their credentials or register, respectively.

After the system checks their subscription type, the users that meet the subscription standard will be redirected to the content they initially tried to access. Users that are not logged in will be prompted to a login page.

After they have successfully logged in, instead of being taken to a default page the extension will redirect them to the content they tried to access. This plugin acts as a shortcut, saving users a lot of time when accessing login-based pages.

What are the benefits of implementing Redirect Back?

  • Eliminate the back-and-forth navigation by redirect the users to the content they initially tried to access after login.
  • Once logged in, the redirection to the previously accessed content occurs as quickly as possible, saving browsing time.
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  • Thank you!

    Good plugin! My members reached the content easly without losing the accessed page.

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