Premium Bundle

Ultimate Membership Pro Bundle

Including 29 Pro Addons & 10 official Free Addons

Premium Bundle includes up to 39 different AddOns for Ultimate Membership Pro plugin for a massive 70% discount .

What Bundle Includes?

  • Prevent Subscription Cancellations – Determines the conditions under which a member’s subscription can be canceled.
  • Manager Role – Grants the role of manager to members and provides access to restricted sections of the Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Pay per Post – Create posts or pages and sell their content off-subscriptions
  • Two Factor Authentication – Secure login process through Two Factor Authentication
  • Divi Content Locker – Manages content in Divi visual builder
  • My Group Accounts – Multi-members group Subscriptions for Ultimate Membership Pro system
  • Elementor Widget Lock – Control widgets content of your page created with Elementor page builder
  • Restrict Widgets – Manage WP Widgets based on users Subscriptions or registration status
  • Restrict Past Content – Members will have access only to content published after their registration date
  • Restriction Release – Restriction rule will stop being applied on certain date. After that content will become unrestricted
  • Restriction Hold – Establish a certain date when Restriction rule starts to be applied. After that content will become restricted
  • Restrict WP Menu – Control which WP Menu will show up based on Subscriptions
  • Redirect Back – Redirect Ultimate Membership Pro users to the restricted page which they tried to access after login process
  • MailChimp PRO – Store Ultimate Membership Pro users emails in Mailchimp and increase your audience data
  • MailPoet V3 Integration – Integrate MailPoet lists with Ultimate Membership Pro Subscriptions
  • Mailster Pro – Save Membership registered users in Mailster subscribers lists
  • Hidden HTML Elements – Controls elements on the page according with HTML IDs or Classes
  • WordPress User Roles – Grant WordPress User roles for membership users
  • Limited Subscriptions – Subscriptions purchases may be limited to a certain number
  • ConvertKit Integration – Save your membership users in email lists on ConvertKit platform
  • Slack Integration – Integrate Ultimate Membership Pro users with Slack communication system
  • Member RSS – Members will get a list of posts via RSS
  • Manage Reset Password – Provide Membership users a link on email in order to reset the password account
  • Granted Access – based on specific IP Address
  • Invite Your Friends – Allows Customers to create invitations and send them to their Friends via Email
  • Customer Activity Tracking – Identify the last time when a membership user was connected into your website
  • Restrict My Account Tabs – Block User Account Tabs based on Ultimate Membership Pro levels
  • Export Orders To CSV – Export Ultimate Membership Pro orders as a CSV file
  • Granted Subscriptions – Grant the access to every content on the website
  • Payment Reminder – Send payment reminder emails for customers in order to complete payment process
  • Extended Shortcodes – Provide a list with useful shortcodes for Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Remove Dummy Data – Provides a helpful tool for removing UMP data
  • WooCommerce Redirect – Redirect membership users to default redirection page after loggin in WooCommerce
  • Hidden WP Login – Hide WordPress login page and redirect to Ultimate Membership Pro login form
  • Restrict JivoChat – Decide who can have access to live Chat based on session or Subscription
  • Blacklist Disposable Emails – Block sign up process in register form if email domain is part of a disposable blacklist
  • Delete My Account – Membership users may delete their profile account
  • IP Registration – Restrict access to registration form based on IP address
  • Reset Invoice ID – Reset invoice ID number and starts counting from 1 for Ultimate Membership Pro invoices
  • Extension Kit – Expands functionality with extra features in Ultimate Membership Pro

How much do I save?

Regular price for all Addons is over 700$. You will save more than 550$.

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, based on Refund Policy available here

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