Premium Bundle

Ultimate Membership Pro Bundle

Including 34 Pro Addons & 13 official Free Addons

Premium Bundle includes up to 47 different AddOns for Ultimate Membership Pro plugin for a massive 70% discount .

Membership sites are growing in popularity. Year on year, more and more creators choose to build communities on their own terms (as opposed to relying on moody social media algorithms.)

Want to take your membership site to the next level but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on all the features you need to create the perfect experience for your members?

What if we told you you could get 46 addons for just $149 to grow your membership site?

Get it today, save money, and gain access to:

Premium Payment Processors & Financial Addons

  • Razorpay Payment Gateway and its Pro version, PayFast Payment Gateway, and Paystack Payment Gateway, to enable easy and secure one-time and recurring payments for membership subscriptions.
  • PayFast Pro Payment Gateway and Paystack Pro Payment Gateway to customize your payment options and methods.

Retention Addons:

  • Prevent Subscription Cancellations to enable setting up specific conditions under which a subscription may be canceled, improving retention rates.
  • Customer Activity Tracking to identify and engage with members who may be at risk of canceling their subscription.

Content Restriction & Membership Addons:

  • Pay per Post to enable the monetization of individual posts or pages.
  • Divi Content Locker and Elementor Widget Lock to restrict access to content and incentivize membership subscriptions.
  • Restrict Past Content to make sure only new content is accessible to new subscribers.
  • Restriction Release and Restriction Hold to enable scheduling when restricted content becomes accessible or inaccessible.
  • Restrict WP Menu and Restrict Widgets to ensure that non-members cannot access content meant for members.
  • Redirect Back to direct members to the restricted page they tried to access after logging in (and thus, improve user experience.)
  • Granted Access and Granted Subscriptions to grant access to all or specific content on a website.
  • Extended Shortcodes to use with Ultimate Membership Pro and take it to the next level
  • Remove Dummy Data to remove UMP data.
  • WooCommerce Redirect to redirect membership users to the default redirection page after logging in WooCommerce.
  • Hidden WP Login to hide the WordPress login page and direct users to the Ultimate Membership Pro login form.
  • IP Registration to restrict access to the registration form based on IP address.
  • Extension Kit to expand the functionality of Ultimate Membership Pro with extra features.

Security Addons:

  • Two Factor Authentication to provide an extra layer of security to the login process.
  • Manage Reset Password to provide membership users with a link to reset their password account.

Engagement and Community Addons:

  • Manager Role and My Group Accounts to grant managerial roles to members and allow for the creation of multi-member groups, respectively.
  • WordPress User Roles to grant WordPress user roles for membership users.
  • Slack Integration to invite members into a private Slack community.
  • Invite Your Friends to allow members to invite their peers into your membership site.
  • Delete My Account to allow members to delete their profile account.
  • Restrict JivoChat to decide who can access the live chat based on session or subscription.

Marketing Addons:

  • Mailchimp PRO, MailPoet V3 Integration, Mailster Pro, and ConvertKit Integration to create marketing and communications campaigns, as well as enrich your database with information about your existing subscribers
  • Member RSS to provide members with a list of posts via RSS.
  • Blacklist Disposable Emails to block the sign-up process if the email domain is part of a disposable blacklist.

Elevate your membership site for just $149. Save $460 today and grab the bundle.


What Bundle Includes?

  • Two Step SignUp – Split the sign-up form into a multi-step one in order to be completed with fewer hiccups
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway – Purchase memberships from Ultimate Membership Pro using this payment solution
  • Razorpay Pro Payment Gateway – One-time and Recurring payments with Ultimate Membership Pro using RazorPay Pro payment gateway
  • PayFast Payment Gateway – Accept one-time payments in Ultimate Membership Pro directly from South Africa using PayFast
  • PayFast Pro Payment Gateway – Implement PayFast Pro to accept recurring and one-time payments in Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Paystack Payment Gateway – Develop your business and accept one-time payments by installing this addon in Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Paystack Pro Payment Gateway – Take your business to the next level by accepting recurring and one-time payments
  • Prevent Subscription Cancellations – Determines the conditions under which a member’s subscription can be canceled.
  • Manager Role – Grants the role of manager to members and provides access to restricted sections of the Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Pay per Post – Create posts or pages and sell their content off-subscriptions
  • Two Factor Authentication – Secure login process through Two Factor Authentication
  • Divi Content Locker – Manages content in Divi visual builder
  • My Group Accounts – Multi-members group Subscriptions for Ultimate Membership Pro system
  • Elementor Widget Lock – Control widgets content of your page created with Elementor page builder
  • Restrict Widgets – Manage WP Widgets based on users Subscriptions or registration status
  • Restrict Past Content – Members will have access only to content published after their registration date
  • Restriction Release – Restriction rule will stop being applied on certain date. After that content will become unrestricted
  • Restriction Hold – Establish a certain date when Restriction rule starts to be applied. After that content will become restricted
  • Restrict WP Menu – Control which WP Menu will show up based on Subscriptions
  • Redirect Back – Redirect Ultimate Membership Pro users to the restricted page which they tried to access after login process
  • MailChimp PRO – Store Ultimate Membership Pro users emails in Mailchimp and increase your audience data
  • MailPoet V3 Integration – Integrate MailPoet lists with Ultimate Membership Pro Subscriptions
  • Mailster Pro – Save Membership registered users in Mailster subscribers lists
  • Hidden HTML Elements – Controls elements on the page according with HTML IDs or Classes
  • WordPress User Roles – Grant WordPress User roles for membership users
  • Limited Subscriptions – Subscriptions purchases may be limited to a certain number
  • ConvertKit Integration – Save your membership users in email lists on ConvertKit platform
  • Slack Integration – Integrate Ultimate Membership Pro users with Slack communication system
  • Member RSS – Members will get a list of posts via RSS
  • Manage Reset Password – Provide Membership users a link on email in order to reset the password account
  • Granted Access – based on specific IP Address
  • Invite Your Friends – Allows Customers to create invitations and send them to their Friends via Email
  • Customer Activity Tracking – Identify the last time when a membership user was connected into your website
  • Restrict My Account Tabs – Block User Account Tabs based on Ultimate Membership Pro levels
  • Export Orders To CSV – Export Ultimate Membership Pro orders as a CSV file
  • Granted Subscriptions – Grant the access to every content on the website
  • Payment Reminder – Send payment reminder emails for customers in order to complete payment process
  • Extended Shortcodes – Provide a list with useful shortcodes for Ultimate Membership Pro
  • Remove Dummy Data – Provides a helpful tool for removing UMP data
  • WooCommerce Redirect – Redirect membership users to default redirection page after loggin in WooCommerce
  • Hidden WP Login – Hide WordPress login page and redirect to Ultimate Membership Pro login form
  • Restrict JivoChat – Decide who can have access to live Chat based on session or Subscription
  • Blacklist Disposable Emails – Block sign up process in register form if email domain is part of a disposable blacklist
  • Delete My Account – Membership users may delete their profile account
  • IP Registration – Restrict access to registration form based on IP address
  • Reset Invoice ID – Reset invoice ID number and starts counting from 1 for Ultimate Membership Pro invoices
  • Extension Kit – Expands functionality with extra features in Ultimate Membership Pro

How much do I save?

Regular price for all Addons is over 700$. You will save more than 550$.

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, based on Refund Policy available here


  • Fantastic

    Powerfull, user friendly and intuitive

  • worth every penny!

    It did improve some aspects of my website however, i believe that certain extensions from this package can still be developed. The bundle comes with so many useful features like marketing tools and multiple payment options.
    I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to create a professional and efficient membership site.

  • 5 stars all the way!

    You get practically all extensions for UMP! The offer is more than satisfactory.
    It also provides a number of customization possibilities, such as the ability to define different roles and access limits based on owner preferences.

  • Good start to launch a membership program!

    I am blown away with this bundle. The software is user friendly and intuitive, and the included plugins are top-notch!
    These addons are incredibly flexible, allowing me to create different membership subscriptions and easily control content access.

  • 5 star for all the features!

    Great job for all these features from this package and for customer support!

  • 5 stars

    A good price for 33 pro addons and 13 free!

  • Fantastic offer

    There's a lot included in this package. I'm pleased.

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