Delete My Account

Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Grant users permission to delete their accounts

The Delete My Account extension will allow all users to delete their accounts without having to make any additional requests.

Once activated, the admin can designate a dedicated page anywhere on the website, that will allow users to delete their account.
This request will generate a ‘Delete My Account’ form. After filling in this form, the request will be successfully completed.

From now on, users can decide their account’s fate without having to request or be granted any special permission.

For extra security, the system will request the user’s password. This will prevent anyone else but the owner to complete this action.
The installation process takes only a few seconds.

All you have to do is upload the extension, activate it, and create the additional menu.


  • Awesome!

    This is a good feature for members for the fact that they have a control of their account.

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