Two Factor Authentication

Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Authenticate the login process through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system

Ultimate Membership Pro – Two Factor Authentication is developed based on a two-factor authentication security system.
This addon is based on two unique forms of identification in order to log in to the UMP system. 
The User Password is represented by the first factor. The second one is a text message with a code received by the user.

How it works?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is based on the two elements specified above namely:
In a security context, the first factor indicates what the user already knows and might be stated as a knowledge factor. We’re talking about passwords or codes that the user has previously saved.
The second factor represents what the user owns, and it can be listed as a possession factor. For example, if a user possesses a cell phone, or any gadget, he may approve authentication requests through that device.

Two-factor authentication in Ultimate Membership Pro

When a member logs in through the UMP system, he will add his name or username along with the password.
Based on the possession factor, the admin may decide to send the notification via SMS or email address or even both.
After the login form is completed, the member will receive a code via SMS or email address. With this code, he has to prove that he is the only one who logged in. After this verification factor, the member will be authenticated and may access restricted content.

Determine the method of authentication that will be used

The verification code will be delivered to members through email, SMS, or both. The admin will select the appropriate manner of sending the codes based on the needs.
There is an entire list of SMS providers like TeleSign, BulkSMS, Messente, InfoBip and ClickSend.

Make sure that members register on time

When members receive their authentication code, it can only be utilized for a limited time. From ten minutes to one hour, they have at their disposal a certain number of minutes in which they can log in.

What happens if the code is incorrect?

There are situations where the code entered may be incorrect.
This is due either to a typo or to malicious activity.
For a secure login process, codes can be resent several times. This feature increases security in the login process by the fact that members can resend the code as many times as necessary within one hour.

Create custom messages

For each code submission action, the answer received is very helpful. Members can understand how the login system works much more easily with this functionality.

What are the advantages of the implementation of Two Factor Authentication?

  • Send authentication code by email or SMS.
  • Determines how many times the code can be sent in one hour.
  • Choose from a list of SMS providers.
  • Sets the expire time of code.
  • Create custom messages for members when certain actions take place.
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