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Affiliate Own Referrals

Ultimate Affiliate Pro AddOn

Affiliates make their own purchases on Website Store and they will receive Rewards based on their purchases

By default the Affiliate program will not allow affiliates to receive Referrals/Rewrads based on their own purchases completed inside Website Store. This default workflow may be changed if the Allow own Reference module is enabled but affiliate user still needs to use his own affiliate link in order to receives Referrals for his own purchases.

With Affiliate Own Referrals additional module, the Affiliate program will extend the default functionality and will track all affiliate purchases in order to reward him with new Referrals based on his own Rank.

Module will easily increase products sales by encourage affiliates not only to promote the products but also buying them and receive something back.


  • Happy affiliates!!

    My affiliates enjoy very much this addon. They are pleased and motivated for receving commissions even from their own purchases. Awesome!!!

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