Affiliate Own Referrals

Ultimate Affiliate Pro AddOn

Reward affiliates for purchasing products without having to use their affiliate links

Usually, when affiliates purchase products that they promote there is no revenue or commission to reward the sale.

This can easily change with the Ultimate Affiliate Pro package that provides an alternative. Affiliates can purchase products using their own affiliate links and get a reward.

How It Works?

With the Affiliate Own Referrals add-on, this can be even easier done. Affiliates can purchase products without having to use their own affiliate links and the system will automatically register and issue a reward for each transaction.

That’s right, without effort, affiliates can purchase products and receive commissions only by being logged in. That means affiliates don’t have to worry any longer about forgetting to purchase a product with their affiliate link and losing a commission.

Who says affiliates should be rewarded only for promoting products? Increase your sales numbers by encouraging your business partners to become customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Affiliate Own Referrals?

  • Quick activation and ready to use.
  • You can easily reward your affiliates when they purchase the products they promote.
  • With this extension enabled, affiliates do not need to access their own affiliate link.
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  • Happy affiliates!!

    My affiliates enjoy very much this addon. They are pleased and motivated for receving commissions even from their own purchases. Awesome!!!

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