Dokan Integration

Ultimate Affiliate Pro AddOn

Vendors will be able to set commissions for their products and may become affiliates.

How It Works

Any marketplace platform is built around two basic components: the site’s owner and the vendors that sell their products on the platform.
With Dokan Integration vendors may configure the commissions sent to affiliates after a transaction has been completed. As a result, when a product is purchased through an affiliate link, a referral is received.

For each product created, the seller may choose the referral rate type that will be collected by the affiliate when the product is sold.
This rate can be set as a fixed amount in the price, as a percentage of the price, or by maintaining the basic model in the Default Affiliate system Settings.

This will help to increase motivation among affiliates and encourage them to promote your products and services more.

Vendor, Affiliate or both?

With Dokan Integration, involvement in the sales process can be increased by the fact that sellers can become affiliates in turn.
The admin can enable this option, which expects that when a seller registers on the marketplace, he will instantly become an affiliate.

If this option is enabled, a new tab labeled “Ultimate Affiliate Pro” will appear on the vendor dashboard. With this option activated, sellers will be able to find details about rank, number of referrals, earnings, and much more.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing Dokan Integration?

  • The presence of an Ultimate Affiliate Pro tab on the Vendor dashboard
  • Determining affiliate commissions
  • Vendors may become affiliates
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