Dokan Integration


1. Download the plugin (.zip file).
2. In WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins > Add New.
3. Upload Plugin by pressing the upload button.
4. Activate the plugin.
5. In Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin dashboard go to navigation menu and find EXTENSIONS tab. Upon clicking the menu’s item, a box with Dokan module will be available.


1. Dokan Integration can be enabled or disabled by pressing the “Activate/Hold” switcher button from the module panel.


2.0 Seller Become Affiliate

By activating this option, users will automatically become affiliates when they register in the marketplace as vendors.

2.1 Show Ultimate Affiliate Pro Tab

If this option is enabled a new tab named Ultimate Affiliate Pro will appear on the vendor dashboard.

2.2 Seller May Set Referral Rates

It gives the seller the option of setting a commission based on the product’s price. This commission is calculated either as a flat value from the price, or as a percentage of the price or keeping the basic model in Default Affiliate system Settings.

When a product is created or edited, the Referral Rate may be configured by the vendor.

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