Razorpay Payment Gateway


1. Download the plugin (.zip file).
2. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins and Add New.
3. Click the upload button to install the plugin.
4. Activate the plugin.
5. In the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin dashboard, go to the navigation menu and find the EXTENSIONS tab. Upon clicking the menu’s item, a box with the RazorPay module will be available.


1. RazorPay may be activated or disabled from the module panel by hitting the “Activate” toggle button.


2.0. An identification key and its ID are required in order to complete transactions.

  • Go to Razorpay and log in.
  • Once logged in you may find your API credentials here: https://dashboard.razorpay.com/app/keys
  • In Webhooks tab from Settings you may add new Webhook with [your_website_url]?ihc_action=ump_rzr and choose the following events from Active Events: payment_link.paid, payment_link.cancelled, payment.failed.

2.1. If you are on razorpay.com in TEST MODE you may run some transactions using test credentials.
For more card types you may visit Test Cards

2.2. You can set a number to represent which payment method will be listed from left to right on the register page so that it will be more visible in the list of payments.
Also, the name of the payment may be changed, and a short description may be added for further details.

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