Granted Access

Ultimate Membership Pro AddOn

Grant access to all content to users based on their IP

Granted Access allows administrators to easily give users access to all content and website features. Once the user’s IP has been added to the ’White List IP’ section, the extension will bypass any restriction ensuring unlimited access.

There is no limit to how many IP addresses can be added to the list.
The extension is great if you need to give users complete access to your content, permanently or for a limited time, without having to assign a subscription.

How It Works?

Just add an IP address to the White List IP field and the user will immediately gain access to the desired content no matter if he is a member or not.

What Are The Advantages Of The Implementation Of Granted Access?

  • Depending on how many IP addresses are listed, the restricted content can be accessed by one or more users.
  • Once the IP has been saved, the owner of the IP is no longer required to have an active membership.
  • Access to the content can be easily restricted by removing the IP address from the list.
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  • Nice plugin

    I installed this extension and i was surprised how efficient it is. Recommend it

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