Extension Kit


1. Download the plugin (.zip file).
2. In WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins > Add New.
3. Upload Plugin by pressing the upload button.
4. Activate the plugin.
5. In Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin dashboard go to navigation menu and find EXTENSIONS tab. Upon clicking the menu’s item, a box with Extension Kit module will be available.


1. Extension Kit module can be enable or disable by pressing “Activate/Hold” switcher button from the module panel.

Extend Extension Kit

  • Rename AddOn folder (default ump-extension-kit ) with your desired name.
  • Rename AddOn base file (default ump-extension-kit.php ) with your desired name.
  • Customize the Plugin Header details on base plugin file.
  • Customize plugin settings details.
  • Choose a unique YOUR-NAMESPACE for your Addon.
  • Replace default namespace “UapKit” with your custom one.
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